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Bed and Breakfast Torino

Maison Rêve Turin

The B&B in the center of Turin that allows you, thanks to its strategic position, to reach the most important museums and exhibitions in the center of Turin with a short walk under the ancient arcades.


Center in Turin, Via Roma, 5 minutes walk from Maison Rêve.

Walking along Via Roma you will be able to admire the main squares of the city of Turin, starting from Piazza Carlo Felice you will come across Piazza CLN where the Churches of San Carlo and Santa Cristina are located, where you will find fountains decorated with statues depicting the Po and Dora rivers leaning against the apses.


Center in Turin. Piazza San Carlo, 10 minutes walk from Maison Rêve

The most beautiful of Turin with the equestrian monument of Emanuele Filiberto in the center, the old square of arms and the market, still has the seventeenth-century appearance conferred by the royal architect Carlo di Castellamonte (1642-1650).

Center in Turin, Piazza Castello, 17 minutes walk from Maison Rêve

A large square that has always been the historical and political fulcrum of the city, whose name is given by Palazzo Madama, (ancient castle) located exactly in the center.


Center in Turin, Egyptian Museum, 17 minutes walk from Mason Rêve

A must for all tourists and not, considered the second in the world after the Cairo museum.

Get ready to discover the magnificent world of ancient Egypt: sphinxes with the face of Amenhotep III, a statue of a deacon diadem, the monumental statues of Amenhotep II, Ramses II in black basanite, Sethi II, of the princess Redi, the group of King Tutankhamun III and of the god Amenca, the statue of Thutmose III and large stone sarcophagi.
And there is also the room where the cave temple of Ellesija (circa 1450 BC) was rebuilt, donated to the museum for the work carried out by Italian archaeologists on the occasion of the rescue of the monuments of Nubia, threatened by the Assuan dam.


Center in Turin, National Cinema Museum, 17 minutes walk from Mason Rêve

The unique vertical installation by the architect François Confino can be admired at the symbolic monument of the city of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana.

From the archeology of cinema to the history of photography to the more than 7000 films that trace the history of cinema from its origins to today.


Center in Turin, Museo della Sindone, 17 minutes walk from Mason Rêve.

The museum is open 7 days a week and is located in the crypt of the church of SS. Shroud.

As unique in the world it is of fundamental importance for the cultural heritage of our nation


Maison Rêve in the center of Turin and at the center of all the monuments and museums of the city.

Maison Rêve Torino
Via Paolo Sacchi, civico 30, Torino
Tel +39 392 0732314
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